Wicker Smith attorneys are not only deeply experienced in handling all types of claims in transportation, but we do so in an efficient, cost-effective, and timely manner.  Partnering with the transportation industry on a local, regional, and national level, we work hand-in-hand with business owners and operators to help reduce overall risks.  When claims arise, following a thorough initial evaluation, we formulate strategic defense plans within approximately 60 days.

Areas of representation include:

  • Automobile

  • Emergency Response Services

  • FELA/Railroad

  • Marine

  • Motor Coach and Specialized Passenger Carriers

  • Trucking

Minimized Losses

Our attorneys, Holly Howanitz, Kevin Mercer, and Adam Remillard, were involved in an automobile liability case of adverse liability with significant property damage and airbag deployment. While the plaintiff was looking for $365,000, the jury returned a verdict for only $7,771.86.

Disputed Liability Case

Jaime Baca and Jordan Rosales of our Miami office represented the defendant in a disputed liability case over a traffic signal. The plaintiff requested over $350,000 for surgery to her cervical and lumbar spine, however, our attorneys navigated the case, receiving a no liability verdict.

Rear-End Collision

Our attorneys represented a defendant in a rear-end motor vehicle collision. The defendant’s vehicle was a total loss, and the plaintiff claimed injuries to her neck, back, and right hand. Although our defendant admitted fault for the accident, we successfully received a defense verdict.

Auto Negligence

Our attorneys received an auto negligence verdict in a case, where our defendant lost control of his vehicle and struck the plaintiff, a cab driver at 65 mph on I-95. The plaintiff suffered several injuries, incurred medical expenses in excess of $85,000, and asked for over $300,000 in damages during the trial. The jury returned a verdict for $37,000 not including surgery, $24,000 in past medical treatment, and $13,000 in past pain and suffering. The defense PFS was triggered and the insurance carrier sought attorney’s fees for this case.

Four-Vehicle Collision

Our attorneys were involved in a four-vehicle collision case, where our defendant admitted liability to striking the rear of the vehicle that struck the plaintiff. The plaintiff suffered facet injuries, incurring approximately $96,000 in medical expenses and future costs of $80,000-$100,000. Despite the admission of liability, the jury returned a jury award of $12,208 and, after collateral source set-off, the verdict was $2,208 with the right to attorney’s fees.

180-Degree Decision

Our defendant ran a stop sign and t-boned the plaintiff’s vehicle, causing it to spin 180 degrees. The plaintiff allegedly sustained injuries to his back, neck, knees, shoulders, and brain, asking the jury for $680,000 in damages. Despite the admission of liability, the jury returned a verdict of no legal cause, awarded the plaintiff no damages, and granted entitlement to attorney’s fees and taxable costs.

Successful Verdict Delivery

Our attorneys, Jaime Baca and Robert O’Malley, received a defense verdict in a case, where their client was making deliveries for a popular furniture retailor and rear-ended the plaintiff on the turnpike. The judge denied summary judgment and directed verdicts on this issue and found our driver only 20% at fault and not an employee or agent of the furniture company. The plaintiff asked for $1.9 million in damages and the jury gave the plaintiff her initial treatment; however, her net award was $6,924, less $10,000 PIP, and our PFS was $50,000.