Family Law

When a marriage dissolves, the process can be an emotionally draining and all-round difficult experience. Our expert team will provide the guidance and perspective you need to make effective decisions regarding your future, your children, and your assets. We advocate for clients going through a divorce where compromise may be difficult to achieve.

Areas of representation include:

  • Complex Property Division

  • Business valuation in divorce

  • Alimony

  • Parenting time and visitation

  • Child support

There is no formula for the divorce process, which is why our attorneys work closely with our clients to develop a strategy that is specifically curated to accomplish their goals in the best possible way. We understand how difficult the reality of their circumstances can be, and are committed to serving and supporting them every step of the way.

Settlement Achieved for a Small-Business Owner

Achieved favorable settlement for a small-business owner client who was the primary wage-earner for the family. Successfully avoided paying long-term alimony to client’s spouse, kept 100% of his ownership in the business, and achieved equal parenting time.

Order of Protection Secured

Secured order of protection for alleged of spousal abuse.

Successful Hold in Contempt

Successfully held client’s spouse in contempt after uncovering the transfer of hundreds of thousands of dollars of marital property to an overseas account.

Favorable Outcome Achieved during Multi-Day Trial

Achieved a favorable outcome during multi-day trial, which involved issues of abuse, child support, alimony, and division of marital property.

Successful Defense Against a Petition

Successfully defended against a petition to modify an existing parenting plan where client’s ex-spouse voluntarily relocated across the country to pursue another career.