For more than six decades, Wicker Smith has been abreast of the swiftly shifting health care landscape, keeping health care providers apprised of legal and regulatory changes as well as how to mitigate potential risks.  Our attorneys assist hospitals and clinics, physicians, long-term care providers, mental health institutions, and a variety of other providers and advisers in healthcare.

Areas of representation include:

  • Liability — including hospitals, clinics, hospices, mental health centers, and more

  • Professional Liability — physicians, dentists, nurses, therapists, and more

  • Product and Medical Device Liability

  • Business and Regulatory Representative Services — from compliance with federal and state regulations to mergers, joint ventures, and special partnering agreements

A Case of Wrongful Death

Richards H. Ford, Clay H. Coward, and Taylor Tribou of our Orlando office were involved in a medical malpractice case, where the plaintiff requested $3.9 million. After a seven-day wrongful death trial, our attorneys received a favorable defense verdict.

Complex Medical Malpractice

Kevin Crews, Ashley Withers, and Michael Shue of our Naples office were involved in a complex medical malpractice case. Although the plaintiff demanded $4.5 million, our attorneys received a favorable defense verdict.

A Complete Defense Verdict

Jason Glusman and William Bromley of our Fort Lauderdale office obtained a complete defense verdict. The plaintiff sustained a tri-mal fracture with two surgeries, $115,000 in medicals, and a recommendation for an ankle fusion. Although the plaintiff asked for $1.3 million, the jury returned a verdict of no negligence.

A Verdict in One Hour

Our attorneys, Kevin Crews and Ashley Withers, defended a hospital in a premises liability case. The plaintiff claimed hospital negligence when he failed to park in the designated loading dock and suffered injuries while exiting his vehicle. After a four-day trial, the jury returned a complete defense verdict in approximately one hour.

15-Minute Results

Our attorneys, Kevin Crews and Ashley Withers, defended a hospital in a premises liability case. The plaintiff alleged that he struck his head on a soffit while exiting the hospital and suffered medical injuries. After providing compelling evidence during a four-day trial, our attorneys obtained a favorable defense verdict in less than 15 minutes.

Concussions During A Football Game

Kurt M. Spengler and Melissa T. Woodward of our Orlando office represented trainers and coaching staff in a complex case. Our defendant allegedly ignored the symptoms of successive concussions exhibited by the plaintiff during a football game, causing a traumatic brain injury. The plaintiff proposed an economic plan of $9.6 million and asked for a minimum of $4 million, however, our attorneys received a favorable defense verdict.

A Weeklong Trial

Raymond E. Watts, Jr. of our Orlando office represented a long-term care facility in a case, involving allegations that the plaintiff suffered wrongful death and survival damages related to an MRSA infection. After a weeklong trial in northern Virginia, Watts obtained a favorable result.

An Injury During Surgery

Richards H. Ford, Joseph P. Menello, and Taylor Tribou of our Orlando office represented a hospital and surgeon after the plaintiff received an injury to her small bowel during robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery. The plaintiff suffered septic shock, underwent surgery, and spent six months in various hospitals, which cost over $1.2 million. While the plaintiff asked the jury for $13 million, our attorneys received a defense verdict.

Nursing Resident Case

We defended a hospital client in a case, where a nursing rehabilitation resident was admitted at age of 84, and then transferred to the defendant hospital where she died. The plaintiff claimed the defendant was negligent in their care of her. However, our attorneys denied negligence and received a defense verdict.

Third Defense Verdict

Our attorneys, Kevin Crews and Ashley Withers, received their third defense verdict in five weeks following a five-day medical malpractice/wrongful death trial. The patient was admitted to the defendant hospital after a neck surgery and developed complications, including hospital-based delirium and an abrupt syncopal episode. During the trial, the plaintiff claimed that the nurses fell below the standard of care, however, our legal team argued otherwise and stated that the plaintiff failed to present evidence of proximate cause for the patient’s syncope.

Triumph Before and After Trial

Our attorneys, Kevin Crews and Ashley Withers, represented a hospital client in a case, where a patient went into cardiac arrest and suffered an anoxic brain injury that resulted in death three weeks later. The estate alleged that the nurses did not report signs and symptoms of respiratory distress and failed to appropriately respond to the Code Blue. Prior to trial, our legal team was successful in striking the estate’s multi-million dollar loss of income and earnings claim by presenting evidence that the deceased’s income had been earned through an illegal Ponzi scheme. During the trial, our attorneys demonstrated that the nurses met the standard of care, and the jury returned a defense verdict.

No Negligence Found

Our attorneys, Kevin Crews and Ashley Withers, obtained a defense verdict in a medical malpractice case. The plaintiff alleged that the nurses employed by the defendant hospital were negligent in accidently overdosing the patient with narcotic pain medication, resulting in respiratory distress and the need for a Code Blue. Our legal team argued that the claims were not correct and, after five-day trial, the jury returned a no negligence verdict.

A Defense Verdict

Our legal team received a favorable defense verdict for a physician, who allegedly failed to accurately grade a renal tumor and provide further effective treatment.

A Directed Verdict

Our attorneys successfully received a directed verdict for the defense in a case, where the doctor was alleged to have caused or contributed to patient’s ultimate pituitary and adrenal gland problems.

Dismissal for Fraud

Our legal team was involved in a medical malpractice case, in which the firm represented a chiropractor accused of negligence that resulted in a herniated disc. We received a dismissal for fraud in pre-trial based on numerous, significant lies evidenced by the plaintiff’s deposition.

Unanimous Defense Verdict

Our attorneys, John Floyd Sr., John Floyd Jr., and Mandi Karvis received a unanimous defense verdict on behalf of a chiropractor in Nashville, Tennessee. The 3-day lawsuit included claims of healthcare liability, informed consent, and state law discrimination by the chiropractor. The verdict was featured in DRI’s The Voice®, DRI – The Voice of the Defense Bar is the world’s largest network of attorneys defending the interests of business and individuals in civil litigation.