Non-Profit/Religious Institutions

Wicker Smith has years of litigation experience representing non-profit and religious entities.  We have a track record of securing successful outcomes in high-profile cases, running the spectrum from allegations of sexual abuse to negligent counseling.  As subject-matter experts, we are regularly consulted in the drafting of appropriate child-care guidelines and manuals, as well as in the screening and training of volunteers and other personnel working with children.

Areas of representation include:

  • Allegations of Sexual Abuse

  • Negligent Security

  • Defamation

  • Negligent Supervision

  • Negligent Counseling

  • Failure to Adequately Screen Volunteers and Employees

  • Inadequate Training of Volunteers/Employees

  • Failure to Mandatory Report to Local and State Agencies

Obtaining a Summary Judgement

We were able to obtain summary judgment in favor of a national religious organization, on issues of respondeat superior and negligent hiring, in a matter wherein the Plaintiff claims the organization is responsible for the claimed sexual abuse of a teacher/non-organization volunteer.

Summary Judgement Obtained for a Religious Organization

We were able to get summary judgment in favor of a national religious organization who was sued by 6 different plaintiffs who alleged that they had been molested or photographed by the son of a pastor in one of the organization’s local churches. The alleged abuse occurred in the pastor’s home, which was owned by the local church. 

Representing a Local Church

We are currently representing a local church that Plaintiff is alleging is responsible for the actions of one of their volunteers. A church volunteer was convicted of molesting a child in his personal home. The child has no relationship to the church, but the Plaintiff is alleging that he would not have been allowed to sleep over at the volunteer’s home if the volunteer had not been a teacher and church volunteer. The volunteer was thoroughly screened and background checks all came back clean prior to him being allowed to volunteer at the church. Further, he was employed as a teacher outside of the school.

Defending a Local Church being Sued

We are currently defending a local church that is being sued for sexual abuse that took place at his assistant scoutmaster’s house. The church chartered the local Boy Scout’s group and the Plaintiff alleges that the church should be responsible for the activities of the scoutmaster, even though those activities occurred in his private residence outside of either church or Boy Scout activities.

Represented a Charter School

We represented a charter school, which was sued after one of its teacher’s engaged in a sexual relationship with a teenage girl who attended the school and pursued the teacher. The teacher had no criminal history and was terminated as soon as the school learned that there was any relationship between him and the student. 

A Case of Alleged Bullying

We represent a private school in a case where one student is alleging he was bullied by another child at the school. Not only does the school deny that there has even been any bullying, but the witnesses have testified that the two boys involved were close friends and there were no issues between them.