Wicker Smith’s Retail & Hospitality Team is committed to partnering with our clients and carriers to achieve superior, cost efficient results while maintaining brand protection and meeting our clients’ business goals. Drawing on decades of experience while leading the legal industry in this area through our representation of retail clients across all spectrums of size and business practice complexity, our team is recognized by risk managers, general counsel and industry leaders in this sector for our innovative and aggressive approach to defending cases tailored to the specific requirements of each individual claim.

With 12 offices covering the entire State of Florida, we are uniquely positioned to assist our clients by capitalizing on our vast knowledge of the judiciary and Plaintiff’s Bar in each County, providing us with an advantage in analyzing the anticipated progress of a claim. As we share this knowledge relating to potential and existing claims with our clients, we can in turn make recommendations that can be utilized in risk management, exposure analysis, and evaluation of the latest trends in the law that affect our clients’ businesses. This further enables us to make suggestions as appropriate for mediation, arbitration, summary disposition, and mock trials where indicated at key points during case pendency to shorten the life of the case and in turn reduce indemnity and defense costs.

Additionally, a number of our attorneys have had the honor of serving as national counsel for various clients in the retail and hospitality industry. Many of our attorneys are frequently invited to lecture at local, regional and national best practice conferences and client workshops, sharing their extensive knowledge in legal strategies and trends for managing these cases.

Our Emergency Rapid Response Team of attorneys is also available to assist in the investigation of major retail/hospitality related claims. This service allows us to partner with our clients at a critical time in the case to formulate on-site defense strategies, protect privileged communications, preserve evidence, participate in crafting media messages, and counsel employees.

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