In today’s increasingly globalized and digitalized marketplace, the protection of business assets and trade secrets is of utmost importance. However, businesses are faced with a number of challenges in protecting those assets, including increased legislation and opposition to the enforcement of non-compete and confidentiality agreements. While these types of agreements remain enforceable, it is incumbent upon a business to ensure that the agreements it implements with its employees meet the current standards of the law, which change from state to state. We take a dynamic approach to meeting our clients’ needs with regard to the protection of their human capital and proprietary information, recognizing that each individual client’s needs require a tailored solution. Wicker Smith attorneys are experienced in drafting employment agreements and providing guidance to its clients on how to protect their assets through the implementation of non-compete, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements with their key employees in a variety of industries and for companies of varying sizes. Further, we have significant experience in litigating issues arising from such agreements, including the enforcement of such agreements, and defending against employee attempts to set aside restrictive covenants.

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