Toxic torts may involve personal injury or economic loss as the result of acute or long-term exposure to toxic materials or chemicals. The most common toxic tort cases involve those in which the plaintiff claims to have been exposed to toxic chemicals as a result of their occupation or proximity to a site or facility. Toxic tort litigation is dynamic and expanding at a rapid rate. Toxic tort cases also often involve sophisticated damages issues, and can present significant exposure. As a result, it is essential that defendants in these cases employ advocates who can provide expertise and sophistication in dealing with such challenges.

Our toxic tort attorneys aggressively defend toxic tort cases in state and federal courts. Wicker Smith serves as counsel for clients in chemical exposure litigation, indoor air quality and mold cases, food additive litigation, welding rod cases, benzene exposure suits, silica cases, asbestos litigation and various other environmental exposures or contamination claims. Wicker Smith has long-standing relationships with experts in the fields of toxicology, epidemiology, medicine, risk assessment, forensic chemistry, industrial hygiene, environmental engineering, exposure modeling, vapor intrusion, remediation and property damage valuation. Our current clients include companies in a broad spectrum of industries, including chemical manufacturers, industrial manufacturers, agriculture, utilities, railroads, food companies and consumer goods manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

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