Wicker Smith represents over 85 hospitals and countless healthcare providers throughout Florida. The medical malpractice team at Wicker Smith has a long-standing reputation for aggressively defending healthcare-related clients in a wide range of medical malpractice claims that include catastrophic injury, wrongful death, infant death, brain injuries, amputations, spinal cord injuries, and surgical and nursing issues. Our extensive experience representing hospitals, chiropractors, nursing homes, ALFs, homeopaths, osteopaths, nurse midwives, physician assistants, ARNPs, physical therapists, massage therapists, podiatrists, dentists, opticians, optometrists, mental health counselors, psychologists, and all types of medical physicians provides us depth and knowledge in numerous areas of the medical field. In addition to an experienced collection of attorneys, the firm also employs a team of in-house nurses to assist in the medical evaluation and investigation of our medical malpractice cases. When necessary, Wicker Smith has retained top medical specialists from some of the county’s most respected hospitals and universities to consult and testify for our clients.

Additionally, a number of our attorneys have had the honor of serving as national counsel for various healthcare-related companies. Many of our attorneys are frequently invited to lecture at local, regional and national hospitals and medical conferences throughout the year, sharing their extensive knowledge in legal strategies and trends for managing medical malpractice cases.

Some of our most recent work in medical malpractice includes:

  • Defense verdict for physician alleged to have failed to accurately grade a renal tumor and provide further effective treatment.
  • Directed verdict for the defense in a case in which the doctor was alleged to have caused or contributed to patient’s ultimate pituitary and adrenal gland problems.
  • Dismissal for fraud in pre-trial based on numerous, significant lies evidenced by the plaintiff’s deposition for a case in which the firm represented a chiropractor accused of negligence, resulting in a herniated disc.

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