Founded in 1952, Wicker Smith is a full-service civil litigation firm with a longstanding reputation for its trial achievements in both state and federal courts. Since its inception, and with over 200 attorneys, Wicker Smith services its clients through a network of thirteen locations in Brunswick, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Melbourne, Miami, Naples, Nashville, Orlando, Pensacola, Phoenix, Sarasota, Tampa and West Palm Beach.

The firm offers legal services in over 30 different practice areas, giving attorneys an opportunity to work on a broad range of complex legal matters.Associates are encouraged and expected to take on increasing levels of responsibility. Additionally, Wicker Smith’s associates, unlike many other firms, are empowered to play an active role in their own personal development through  our hands-on approach to case management and client relations. Wicker Smith seeks to recruit and maintain a diverse workforce of lawyers and staff whose individual experiences and knowledge bases contribute to a kaleidoscope of viewpoints that allow us to achieve a better understanding of our clients’ issues. We welcome individuals with exceptional talent from a broad range of ethnic, cultural, academic, social and political backgrounds.

Commitment to Diversity

Wicker Smith’s attorneys are native to 8 different countries—Brazil, Bulgaria, Cuba, Georgia, Germany, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and South Korea—and 25 states throughout the U.S., reflecting our true commitment to diversity.

At Wicker Smith, we understand that the cornerstone of our firm’s success, and that of our clients, is firmly bound by the personal nature of the practice of law. Certainly, the foundation for any good law firm is the legal experience of the firm’s attorneys and staff; yet, at Wicker Smith, we believe it is our team’s background and personal experiences beyond the realm of litigation that play a far more intricate role in the understanding our clients and our ability to effectively respond to their legal needs. Wicker Smith recognizes that diversity makes for a broader, richer environment that produces more effective creative thinking and solutions. Thus, Wicker Smith promotes diversity as an essential aspect of the personal nature by which we service our clients, leading to the success of our clients and the overall success of the firm.

Wicker Smith is a member of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, which is a national organization partnering with Fortune 500 companies and large law firms that is dedicated to creating a truly diverse legal community and eliminate impediments which preclude minorities and women from having a full and fair opportunity to perform, succeed and lead.

Like many of the Fortune 500 companies we represent, Wicker Smith has placed a priority on developing a legal team that more fully represents the voices of our clients and the society in which we practice through our firm’s diversity.

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